The Jazz Band annual USO Swing Dance is quickly approaching.  This dance is for the community to raise funds for the uniform maintenance.  This is a fun evening for everyone, but we need your help.  Attached you will find a sign up sheet for food, kitchen supplies, punch, to volunteer to set up/ take down, kitchen help, tickets at the door.and stars/starlets.   If you are unable volunteer your time please consider donating an food item on the list.  This list will also be in the band room so remind your student to sign up too.  The stars and starlets are a great way for all band students to get involved since their job is to be on the dance floor so it's never empty and encourage others to dance.  

We also need help spreading the word.  You have received an email with  a copy of the flyer and poster with all the important information to be used on social media.  If you have a color printer feel free to  print as many of the flyers as you want.  We will also make sure there are some available in the band room.   Next week students have three days off and would be the perfect time for them to take posters around to local businesses.

If you have any questions please call or email Cheryl Miles at 541-310-1048, or email Natalie at


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2018-2019 Parent Meeting Minutes

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October Minutes Parent Meeting
Chocolate orders will be going home next week, this will be the last year for this fundraiser.  We will be looking at other fundraisers to take its place.   If you know of something please bring it up at the next booster meeting.

Stadium seats are a possible fundraiser.  Tressa has sent away for a sample.  Watch for it at the next booster meeting.  Pending final approval. Looking to sell stadium seats instead. $50 per chair with $20 going to student accounts. These chairs could make it much easier for students to pay off band fees.

T-shirt orders will be placed next Friday.  There are 2 options this year.  $10 t-shirts and $25 sweatshirts are what we are shooting for.  If you are interested in taking on the task of organizing and ordering t-shirts next year let us know.  :)

The first option is the Elton John shirt.  It will have the names of all the kids on the back in their sections.  For parents, you can get it with the kids names, plain on the back or Band Roadie on the back.

The second option is the tiger shirt.  This one can come plain on the back or with Band Roadie.  There will be sign up forms in the band room for the kids.  Email me your choice, t-shirt or sweatshirt and size and I will add you to the list.  All charges will be added to your kids student account.

Drive for your School - October 13th 10-4 pm You can specify where your money goes. To a specific student, the band general fund, or any other group. It is a quick and easy $20.

USO is coming up on November 10th from 7-10 pm. There will be a USO planning meeting on Tuesday, Oct 16th at 5:15 in the LMS band room. Please stop by and help out with this great event. A sign up form sent out by email earlier in the week. Please take a minute to sign up to bring something.

Marching Season Events

Oct. 6th - Cavalcade of Bands - Pasco, Washington - Was a big success. Kids learned a lot, and voted to go back again next year and place. The work begins now.  

October 12th - Last scheduled Home Football Game 5:30-9:30

Oct 19 - EOU Homecoming 5pm Mamacitas (4:30 set-up)

Oct TBA?- other possible Home Football Game - 5:30 - 9:30pm

November 11th - Veterans Day Parade 10:30am Aaron’s Furniture - Final Marching Performance (Season Over)

Concert/Jazz Events

October/November - TBA - Possible USO Planning meeting

Nov 5th & 6th - Honor Band in Milton-Freewater. Concert at 6:30.

Nov 10th- USO Dance at Valley Fellowship. 7-10 PM

Nov 13 - 5:15 Next Parent Meeting - USO after action review (plan for next year)

Dec 11 - 5:15pm Winter Parent Meeting

Dec-Feb- Pep-Band Games (4-8 avg.)

Jan 8 - 5:15pm Winter Parent Meeting

Jan 17th - Winter Concert LHS Auditorium @ 7pm

Jan 20th - 21st - U of I Band Fest. (Wind Ensemble) - Cancelled

Other dates to follow at Winter meeting.

April TBA Band Tour Southern Oregon.

For Complete Calendar Check Out The 2018-2019 Calendar Tab

 Minutes Parent meeting minutes and news  


Our first Tuesday night parent meeting was this last week.  Thank you to everyone who attending and if you couldn't be there not to worry.  An email will go out every month filling you in on everything that you missed. 

The schedule for this month has changed a bit.  One of the home football games was changed to an away game and plans have changed for a homecoming parade.  This schedule should get us through to the next parent meeting which will be October 9th at 5:15 in the LMS band room.

Upcoming Events

September 14 - Pendleton Round-Up

September 15 - 2 Cycle Oregon Fundraisers (5am-9am, 8:30am - noon)

September 22 - Dutch Bros Fundraiser 10am-Noon.

September 28 - Home Football Game 5:30-9:30

Oct 5th - Home Football Game - 5:30 - 9:30pm

Oct. 6th - Cavalcade of Bands - Pasco Washington, TBA.

Pendleton Roundup was a great success for the kids. They played great, the weather was beautiful and everyone had fun.

Cycle OR went well. We had 25 kids show up to Pioneer Park at 4:45 am to serve breakfast to the cyclists and then another 15 show up at 8:30 to pick up trash. It was a $2,700 fundraiser with the money earned going toward the uniform fund.

Dutch Bros fundraiser is September 22nd from 10 to 12. We will have kids in uniform playing music, waving signs and holding out marching hats for donations. The quilt raffle will be out there as well. We are going to show off the new uniform and have a great time. I am attaching the Dutch Bros flier that Tressa made. Please print it out and hang it up around town. We are hoping that it will be a great fundraiser with all proceeds going to the uniform fund.

Heather and Tressa have been working like crazy and doing an amazing job on fundraising for the new uniforms. They are confident that we will hit our October 1st ordering deadline. They presented at the school board meeting last Wednesday with 2 current uniforms and 2 sample uniforms. I am attaching a fundraising order form that includes LHS Beanies, stadium blankets, event coolers and coffee that are still for sale. We also extended the quilt raffle and will draw a winner on October 12th. Band Volunteers - Need to go to the district office and ask for Gaye Young (administrative assistant for George Mendoza) to clear a background check (driver’s license)

Jazz Fest was discussed and we decided to look into more options. The kids like the event so much that they chose to pay an extra $50 to attend. Things that are up for consideration are taking vans from Legacy Ford instead of buses that would cut costs but requiring parents to drive, whether to drive at night or stay the night and drive home the next morning.

The kids chose to cut Band Fest at the University of Idaho and look for a similar event that would be in Oregon saving on non-reimbursable busing costs.

There was also a brief discussion on whether to discontinue chocolate sales. As it is a good fundraiser for some kids towards their band tour fees so we would be looking for something to replace it with. If you have any ideas we would love to hear them. It was suggested that it could be replaces with stadium chair sales or hoodie sweatshirts.

USO will be on the agenda for next month. So, if you are interested in helping out with that fundraiser please plan on being at the next meeting.

Band Tour this year will be Southern Oregon

Chris is looking into ideas for cultural/educational opportunities in this location of Oregon. He would like to plan and make reservations in October rather than February this year.

Oregon Institute of Technology, Southern Oregon University, Little White Church, Shakespeare groups, Theater, Crater Lake, Beach, Redwoods? Oregon State University, University of Oregon (possibilities). Ashland film festival...

If you have any ideas for activities or have family in those areas that might have ideas please let Chris know.

We would love to see you at the next parent meeting! October 9th at 5:15 at the LMS band room.


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