Welcome to the 2020-21 school year!  Many improvements have been made to provide better communication with parents. In trying to find ways for parents to get the information they need, a website is now up and running. The website is located at band.lagrandesd.org. It is the best resource to keep you informed year around. Please be sure to check the website if you have questions, chances are you will find the information you need there. In addition to the website, this handbook will provide answers to many of the things we do in the high school program throughout the year.  Do not get discouraged with the size of this handbook. It is your reference to keep on hand and reread from time to time. It has all information you and your student need to be successful in our band program.


During the first two weeks of school your student will receive, hand delivered copies of the calendar of events for the entire year.  The student will receive two copies, one for the student and one for parents In addition, it is important that I have a current email address, phone number or any other way to reach you for current updates and reminders.  I cannot get the information to you if I do not have a way to contact you and you will miss out on vital information. The calendar will also be available on the website.

If the event is on the calendar and is indicated as required for the student it is the student's responsibility to reserve the time.  This means tell your family, employers, church, school activity advisors or anyone else to whom the student has time commitments. If there is an absolutely unavoidable conflict, of which there are few, it must be discussed with Mr. Leavitt well in advance.  I will do my best to keep the calendar updated, however things do happen and sometimes the band is asked to participate in something I could not have known. In these situation I will discuss the event with the band, give my recommendation and leave the decision up to the group to decide the direction to take.  If the group decides to do the event, the event will then be a required activity.


Alex Justice

Cell: (503) 857-7285 (prefer texting, and email. Feel free to leave a message.

Will not answer after 6pm.

LHS Band Room:  663-3377 (no voicemail please)

High School Main Desk:  663-3301

Shannon Schelin Fiscal Secretary: 663-3303

Band Hand Book Master