Welcome Back!  Many improvements have been made to provide better communication with parents.  For the past four years I have answered parent questions at home on my cell as early at 5am and as late as 11:30pm.  In trying to find ways for parents to get the information they need, a website is now up and running. The website is located at band.lagrandesd.org.  It is the best resource to keep you informed year around. Please be sure to check the website if you have questions, chances are you will find the information you need there. In addition to the website, this handbook will provide answers to many of the things we do in the high school program throughout the year.  Do not get discouraged with the size of this handbook. It is your reference to keep on hand and reread from time to time. It has all information you and your student need to be successful in our band program.


During the first two weeks of school your student will receive, hand delivered copies of the calendar of events for the entire year.  The student will receive two copies, one for the student and one for parents In addition, it is important that I have a current email address, phone number or any other way to reach you for current updates and reminders.  I cannot get the information to you if I do not have a way to contact you and you will miss out on vital information. The calendar will also be available on the website.

If the event is on the calendar and is indicated as required for the student it is the student's responsibility to reserve the time.  This means tell your family, employers, church, school activity advisors or anyone else to whom the student has time commitments. If there is an absolutely unavoidable conflict, of which there are few, it must be discussed with Mr. Leavitt well in advance.  I will do my best to keep the calendar updated, however things do happen and sometimes the band is asked to participate in something I could not have known. In these situation I will discuss the event with the band, give my recommendation and leave the decision up to the group to decide the direction to take.  If the group decides to do the event, the event will then be a required activity.


Chris Leavitt

Cell: 786-8242 (prefer texting, and email. Feel free to leave a message.

Will not answer after 6pm.

LHS Band Room:  663-3377 (no voicemail please)

High School Main Desk:  663-3301

Shannon Schelin Fiscal Secretary: 663-3303


Marching Band: Marching band is a graded class and required for all students involved in the band program and consists of all members in the Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble and Jazz Band.  Required marching band components:

  1. Attend required rehearsals once school starts, which include daily class time and early morning/late evening  rehearsals. If everyone works consistently hard, and maximizes our use of time, we may be in the position to minimize morning rehearsals during the season.

  2. Learn marching field commands, field movements and parade commands.

  3. Memorizing three or more pieces of show music, the National Anthem and LHS Fight Song to play while marching on the field and parades.

  4. The ability to play music pieces while marching on the field and parades.

  5. Marching band performs during halftime at home football game and marches in the LHS Homecoming parade and the EOU Homecoming parade.  Other performance dates will be handed out with the fall calendar.

  6. The entire football game is considered a performance situation, and all parts of the     uniform must be worn properly at all times.


  1. Each individual marching band uniform, including hat and plume, is valued at $500 or more.  The uniform must be treated with the utmost respect. Each student will be assigned a specific uniform with a number which will be recorded on a master list.  That is your uniform for the entire marching season.

  2. Eating is not allowed in uniform with the exception of the Pendleton Round-Up. Plan ahead for football games. Water is allowed and provided at all events

  3. The uniform assigned to you will be checked out to you by a parent prior to a performance.  After each performance a parent will check that uniform back in after only after a parent verifies the uniform is placed properly on its hanger.

  4. If the uniform is not hanging on the hanger properly, it will be handed back to the student to fix.  It will not be checked in without parent approval. Students will treat parents with respect and will follow parent directions without arguing.

  5. If your uniform is not checked in and found anywhere in the band room, the uniform will be collected and you will be assessed a fine which will be placed on your account with the LHS office.  The fine for any part of the uniform (including hat and plumes) left out will be $5. If the uniform is lost or damaged the student will pay the full price to replace the uniform.

  6. Black socks are mandatory.  At the beginning of marching band students will pay $2 for a pair of socks which are made of  anti-odor thread. If a student is missing socks, they will pay Mr. Leavitt $2 for a new pair..

  7. Black marching shoes will be issued  are mandatory and be issued. If you cannot find your shoes, you may get another pair from Mr. Leavitt for $1.

Symphonic Band: This course is open to any student with little to some instrumental background, however it demands high standards of effort and performance. Symphonic Band members will participate in marching band. Members may be selected to attend honor groups and workshops.  This class attends The Oregon Music Educators Association (OMEA) D6 Secondary Festival.

Symphonic Concert Dress:  The following dress code for is mandatory  Failure to appear in appropriate dress may mean not performing which will be treated as a missed performance.  Please talk to Mr. Leavitt as soon as possible if there is a problem obtaining the appropriate concert dress and he will work with you.  Talking to Mr. Leavitt the day before or the day of a performance is not acceptable.

  1. Black Dress Pants/Long Dress.

  1. Ladies: Black slacks or black skirt.  Skirts should be below the knee; the closer to the front row, the longer the skirt.

  2. Gentlemen, black slacks. Grey, purple, striped, stone-washed jeans are unacceptable.

  3. White DRESS Shirt/Blouse, preferably long sleeved.  White shirts should be plain with no other colors or graphics.  NOTE: Percussion section will wear black shirts.

  4. Black Socks!  THIS IS ÍMPORTANT TO US!

  5. Black Shoes! If you do not own/buy a pair you may wear marching shoes - get them before rehearsal and know where they are. Tennis shoes are not acceptable.. Ladies must also wear black shoes.  Wearing any other color, for example red, is not acceptable.

  6. Shop around early. “I couldn't find any” the day of the concert is unacceptable.


Wind Ensemble: This course is by audition only. Students who regularly practice and show a high level of dedication usually audition successfully after one or two years in the Symphonic Band. This course was developed for dedicated students who desire more rigor, a higher level of music, and are expected to show a deeper understanding of the music they play. Wind Ensemble members will participate in marching band.  Wind Ensemble will perform at the OSAA District competionts and if qualified perform at the OSAA State Competition. Other Wind Ensemble opportunities may include the University of Idaho Band Festival, The OMEA D6 Large Group Festival.

Wind Ensemble Concert Dress: specific to this class and is purchased from the program.  Cost of a new uniform is $65. Guys wear a four-piece all black ensemble consisting of black slacks, button up shirt, vest and blue tie and black shoes.  Ladies wear matching black dresses (all the same) with black uniform footwear. There may be used uniforms from former students for sale at a lesser price.  Contact Mr. Leavitt for more information.

Early Bird Jazz Ensemble:  This is a graded before school course from 7am - 8am Tuesday through Friday during the school year.  It is by audition/invitation only with instructor consent. Students will have an opportunity to become familiar with the different styles of stage band and jazz-rock ensemble music, develop and improve performance techniques, independence, knowledge of scales and chords, and skills in improvisation. This class is for extremely motivated players only!  The Jazz Ensemble performs at select band concerts, the USO Swing Dance, and the La Grande Farmers Market.

Items for the Jazz Ensemble uniform is covered by Mr. Leavitt and  and must be returned at the end of the school year.

Pep-Band: The 2018-2019 pep band season is under the direction of Mr. Kevin Durfee, LMS and LHS choir director.   For information contact Mr. Durfee at kevin.durfee@lagrandesd.org for audition process and schedule.  The pep band is for the student interested in playing stage band music for basketball game. Three to eight games will be played (usually league games only) during the boys and girls season.


With so many students using the band room, uniforms, instruments, equipment and music, Mr. Leavitt is unable and unwilling to be your mother. This is especially true as he has two programs to direct and two classrooms to manage. You must be responsible or your own stuff. We provide some reminders, which all go into our expense/travel fund.


Music is expensive to replace.  Loss of parts from an arrangement makes it incomplete and useless.  If your music left out it will be picked up and held by Mr. Leavitt.  You must ask Mr. Leavitt for your music and each time .25 cents will be put on your student account.  


Instruments that belong to the school are in short supply and expensive to repair or replace.  If an instrument is checked out to you, you are responsible for any damages that go beyond normal wear.   If any students instrument is left out $1 will be accessed to your student account to get it back. It is the responsibility of the student to keep their instrument in the proper case and put away.  This will keep your instrument safe from tampering and keep the room clean.

These charges will be made directly to your student account so please take them seriously!

Grading Policies

Daily Work, Concerts, and Performances 50% - This includes all daily exercises, rehearsals both in and out of class, and tardiness/unexcused absences. The final product of any performance-based class is the concert. Failure to attend and perform is a significant loss that can’t be made up! Concerts are planned before school starts, and posted well in advance (Check your calendar!). It is your job to make sure you can attend and give Mr. Leavitt advanced notice if you cannot!

Acceptable late excuses include: Death in the family, serious illness or injury, or medical emergency.

Playing Tests 30% - Each quarter/semester there will be a number of skills/terms/concepts you are expected to learn. The only way to assess whether or not you know these are through performance tests. Some tests will be “knowledge of part” playing tests. They will be on the calendar before the beginning of the year begins and dates will be held as firm as possible. Plan ahead!

Written Tests 20% - Written tests will be more conceptual, focusing on learning the meaning of terms and directions in the music. (if you don’t understand the roadmap how will you be able to generate an authentic product for your audience?)

Attendance Policies

The Band attendance policy is consistent with that of LHS as a whole. You earn credit in participation classes through participation. Lack of the same is considered missed learning and is graded as such. Your presence, punctuality, and active engagement constitutes approximately 50% of your total grade. You will earn 2 points per class time rehearsal. 10 points per rehearsal outside of class time. 30 points per performance.

Failure to earn points will follow these guidelines

Unexcused Tardies -1 point for each class time rehearsal. -2 points for out of class rehearsals. -5 for tardiness to a performance.

Unexcused Absences - No points will be given. Make-up work will be determined on a case by case basis.

To be excused, any absence from an outside of class time rehearsal or performance must be cleared with Mr. Leavitt well in advance!

This is because a performance class is a group activity, and your presence is extremely important to the entire group for an effective rehearsal or performance. If you are not there: Your part is either missing or causing imbalance for the entire group. All things which we cover in that session for notes, rhythms, tempos, balance, etc, all that material you would have written in your part will need to be covered all over again at another time. This is a waste of everyone else’s effective rehearsal time. If you are tardy: You disrupt the focus of the group with your entrance and chair/stand set-up. You will miss the important process of warm-up which covers important musical knowledge, care and preparation of the muscles which you will use, focusing of attention and hearing. Things pertinent to the coming rehearsal and specific musical techniques.

Student Leadership

DRUM MAJORS: Each year, near the end of April, hopeful sophomores can audition for the position of junior drum major. The one selected then attends a summer drum major camp with the senior drum major. At this camp the drum majors learn and practice techniques, drills, and commands that they will apply to the marching band.  

The Senior Drum Major is the presiding officer of the marching band.  The primary role of the Drum Major(s) is to serve the band by doing specific operational jobs and leading by example. The Drum Major(s) manages, conducts, and oversees the marching band. Additionally, the Drum Major(s) should act as a role model for all students by being a good bandsman and musician.  Both Senior and Junior Drums should:

Know all marching band music and tempos

Know who has the melody at all times

Know where the drill and music meet

Hold every marching band leader to the highest standards through setting a good example

Get to know every member of the band and know their name

Move band from one place to another in an orderly manner

Be the time keeper for breaks

Help maintain order on the marching field

Repeat instructions given by directors

Conduct the marching band

Assist students with marching and music issues

Be responsible for the behavior of the marching band at all times (this includes behavior in the stands, in the band room, on the bus, etc.)

Meet with the band director once per week during the fall, immediately after school with a drum major sectional to follow.

Meet with the band director thirty minutes prior to the start of every marching band event.

The drum majors help to run rehearsals, warm up the band, and teach marching.

They act as directors during field shows, help correct individual style errors, and are responsible for reviewing fundamentals as often as needed.

Major(s) are expected to be the first to arrive for each band function and the last to leave.

As a role model for all band members, the Drum Major(s) should:

Always be on time

Have music prepared ahead of time

Maintain an “A” in band at all times

Do everything that is asked by the directors and other adults

Be respectful of others

Always look for some way to be helpful


The section leaders are sectional music teachers. They lead section rehearsals, assisting students with musical interpretation and horn carriage. They are chosen by the director and drum majors at the end of the school year, based upon musical and teaching ability

General Leader Responsibilities:

Understand what being section leader means:  Being a section leader is hard; not only do you have to worry about your music, but you have to worry about the music of your section.

It also doesn't mean you get to be some dictator; you have to help your section. You are there to serve the people in your section, not to rule over them.

Learn Names: Learn the names of everybody in your section and in the band ASAP. Trust and respect work best when they go both ways.

Lead by Example: Not only will this let your band know what to do, but it is also essential to leadership. Members learn to trust and respect you when they see that you practice what you teach. You were most likely chosen because of your playing or marching skills; now is your time to pass these on.

Learn your music. As section leader, you're expected to know it before anyone else. If you don't know your music, how can you help others with their music?

Hold and lead sectionals. Sectionals are time when your section is the focus, not the entire band. Find the difficult passages and go over them with your section. Make sure your section knows exactly what they're trying to fix; if they don't know what they're trying to fix, it probably won't get fixed.

Group Responsibilities

  1. All rehearsals, once school starts. Which include:

    1. Daily Class Time

    2. One, and possibly two, after school rehearsals prior to each concert.

    3. You are expected to master your part, which is most always within your grasp, BUT it may take some work. Past that, your development is up to your own initiative! Want to grow musically and get better? Talk to your section leader or Mr. Leavitt!

  2. Freshmen/new students are required to learn all twelve major scales, by memory, in the cycle of fourths, over the course of the first semester. There are only eight notes in each scale. They should have learned at least four of them in middle school. We will hand out fingering charts and written scales and spend a fair amount of class time teaching these, however they require homework and practice and often extra help during teacher access or lunch. Don’t procrastinate!
    These twelve scales are the fundamental building blocks of all western European derived music and are a very important developmental tool for all musicians. If you already know four and learn one new scale per week (8 notes) starting at the end of October, then you will have a few weeks left until the end of the semester when you must play them for Mr.

Band Awards & Band Letters

  1. There are a variety of band awards given each year. Some of these are:

  1. Certificate of Participation for a full year in any ensemble.

  2. Marching Pin for making all rehearsals except one, and all marching performances.

  3. Jazz Ensemble Pin for a full year of successful enrollment in that group.

  4. Outstanding Musician for each grade.

  5. Most Improved Musician for each grade.

  6. John Philip Sousa Band Award (national award) for the (singular) most outstanding band person in attitude, musicianship, leadership and character.

  7. Louis Armstrong Jazz Award (national award) for an outstanding jazz musician.

  8. Director's Choice Award for outstanding service contribution to

  9. Numerous Peer-Chosen awards for outstanding character traits.

B. These awards are handed out in May at the annual Band Awards Banquet. This is for band members and their parents, is optional, is usually a lot of fun and laughs, as well as honest-to-goodness recognition. Provides food at no cost, and we LOVE to pack in as many band families as we can for the evening. Please feel encouraged and invited to plan for this event!

C. Band Letters - Band letters are given to individuals who have done "more than required” in band activities and have shown leadership and excellence in band. To letter is an honor. Letters will be distributed at the Band Banquet in the Spring. To apply for a letter, Students must complete the following:

  1. Received an "A” grade in band for three semesters. (one and one-half years)

  2. Participated in all marching band performances and 90% of all outside-of-school rehearsals. I have participated in three of the following:
            -. Jazz Band
            - Solo/Ensemble contest with rating of II or better
            - Online College Music Theory Class
            - Private lessons for at least one semester
            - Grande Ronde Symphony Orchestra for at least one concert
            - Monday Night Band for at least one Concert
            - Grande Ronde Youth Symphony Orchestra for one full season
             - Section Leader for one Marching Season
            - Drum Major
            - Attended any summer music camps.

  3. It is your responsibility to apply for a letter before the band banquet. Mr. Leavitt may remind students to apply when students are filling out Peer Awards in April.


  1. Summer Music Camps

    1. Each summer there are many summer music camps of a one-week duration from which to choose. I have never had a student go to a music camp and not have a great time. They are superb opportunities to meet other peer musicians, learn a year’s worth of material in a week, get away from home, do some outdoor activities, and have fun.

    2. Costs are roughly $450, plus transportation.

    3. Some years the band boosters have voted to use some of their fundraised money if it is available at year's end to give $75 or more toward tuition to anyone who wishes to attend a music camp.

    4. Mr. Leavitt can sometimes find all or partial tuition scholarships besides the band boosters contribution.

    5. If you are the sort who really wants to improve on your instrument and enjoys practicing, the best thing you can do for yourself is to take private lessons. Talk to Mr. Leavitt and he will try to find someone beneficial for you.

Band trips

The band has several opportunities for travel activities.  Some of these trips only for a specific band. Band trips are educational and fun:  Below is an example of travel opportunities. All are subject to change or cancellation.

Pendleton Round up parade-  The marching band travels to Pendleton to march in the Pendleton Round Up parade.  Mandatory all day activity for all bands. Marching band travels to Pendleton to march in the Pendleton Round Up Parade.  

Band Festival- Wind Mandatory all Wind  Ensemble only. Travel to University of Idaho to perform and be adjudicated by facility.

Lionel Hampton Jazz Fest Mandatory all -Jazz Band only  Jazz Band travels to University of Idaho to perform and be adjudicated by faculty and attend various jazz clinics and jazz performances.

OSAA District competition Mandatory Wind Ensamble.  

OSAA State Competition if qualified- mandatory Wind Ensemble

Band tour-open to all band members, but it is not mandatory.  A band tour changes from year to year however a typical band tour consists of college visits and cultural activities outside of La Grande.  There is a student fee for this tour and in the past has been $250. This fee must be paid prior to the tour. You cannot go on this trip with money owed.  Students will sign a commitment for indicating they will attend.

To assist in paying for the tour, there are fundraising activities where money is paid directly into the student account.  There major fundraisers are typically:

Chocolate Drive: During the fall students can sell Signature Chocolate and See’s Candy. Students will be issued the chocolate they preorder and will he responsible for turning in money to the fiscal office at regular intervals.  

Drive For UR School: Our local Ford dealership provides opportunities to earn up to $20 per test drive per household when they hold a “Drive For UR School” event. These events are sporadic and usually one is offered in the fall with another in the spring.

Fair Parking: During the week of the Union County Fair students are paid to direct traffic and assist with parking cars in an orderly fashion.

Fireworks Booth: Takes place from June 26th to July 5th.  Students and parents are need to work assist with fireworks set up, selling, clean up and inventory.

You may simply pay cash or write a check for the amount and not fundraise, that is fine, but you'll miss some fun times.Either way, it is YOUR responsibility and we expect the money in full before our trip in April. PLAN AHEAD whether way if you plan to go, which is your choice, it’s your responsible to raise the money

Student Accounts

Mr. Leavitt does not maintain student accounts and does not have access to student accounts.  Student accounts are maintained by Mrs. Schlein, LHS Fiscal Officer. All activity fees will be placed on the student account and can only be paid through Mrs. Schlein or online.  For example:

Wind Ensemble uniform purchase will be placed on that student’s account.

If a student commits to band tour, the band tour fee will be placed on the student account and any money raised through band sponsored fundraisers will be credited to the student account.

Band parent chaperone fees will be placed on their own student’s account;

Any fines for left out or lost uniforms, instruments or music will be placed on that students account.

Payments (partial or in full) can be made in person to Mrs. Schlein at the LHS Office.

Online payments can be found at the La Grande School District webpage, find Quick Links- online payments.  This will take you to Touchbase, LGSD Online Payment System. There may be a processing fee to use Touchbase.


All band trips, whether in La Grande and away, are subject to the La Grande High School Activity Code found in the La Grande High School Handbook.  LHS Handbooks are available in the LHS Office and parents should be familiar with LHS policies.

The following actions will be taken within the band for violations of the LHS Activity Code:

Major Misconduct (drugs, alcohol, theft, etc)

  1.  Parents will come and take the student home.  (Chris: I don’t think you would be able to place them on a bus, it would be a safety concern.)

  2. Should a student be arrested, student will call the parent and the parent will be responsible for their student, not the instructor.

  3. Other infractions (curfew violations, bus conduct, inappropriate conduct) will cause the student to not perform, thereby losing the letter grade for a missed performance.   Given curfew is the real curfew time. Lights out includes televisions and gaming systems. We all get along in civilized fashion. Bus conduct is important for many reasons. No Exceptions.  


The LGSD  states there will be one chaperone per every 10 students.  

Parents may indicate interest in chaperoning however that does not guarantee they will be a chaperone on a specific student activity.  The final decision on chaperones will be left up to Mr. Leavitt.

Preference will be given to parents of seniors and and parents who have actively participated in band activities and fundraising.  Specific chaperone expectations can be found in the back of this handbook. chaperone expectations sheet is included at the end of this handbook.

Chaperones will be ensamble specific:  Only parents of students in jazz band will chaperone jazz band events. Only parents of students in wind ensemble will chaperone wind ensemble events. Only parents of symphonic band will chaperone symphonic band events.

Parents of students wanting to participating in band tour can sign up to chaperone band tour.  However, if more parents sign up than are needed the director will make final chaperone decision giving preference to parents of seniors and parents participating in fundraising activities.  

There are cost associated with chaperoning.  For example, the cost for band tour is approximately $50 however, that is subject to change.  The cost for the Lionel Hampton Jazz Fest is approximately $85, subject to change.

Specific duties of chaperones will be discussed during band parents meetings.

Note for Parents.

I thought I would include a couple of words which may help you in your role as a "High School Band Parent."  This music program emphasizes "student empowerment” (students creating their own realities). Because it is a good time of life for these people to have responsibility for a good thing.  Without it, the program cannot run because Mr. Leavitt cannot do that many things.

Besides musical things, making this program work is a POWERFUL experience in working as, and for, a group. (Creating a functional Society of 100 or more). Even though the fall season is intense, it has the potential to be a huge learning experience.

I try to provide opportunities for any student to play and develop to their own motivation level. Therefore, throughout the year there will be numerous OPTIONAL performing outlets. After football, if you feel that your child is spending a lot of time on band, it is probably because he or she wants to.

Optional events are on the calendar as optional.  I believe students of this age can and should be accountable for their time commitments. Although limited instances of missing rehearsals/performances can be made up, I insist on knowing WELL IN ADVANCE. This is for the good of the group, which depends upon EVERYONE.

Often it occurs to me that the students who get the most out of this program are those whose parents help them deal with RESPONSIBILITIES. (Besides time, there are instruments, music, uniforms, money, equipment, etc. . . ) I invite and encourage you to help your students keep their "stuff" together. Believe it or not, they will appreciate it


The band parent coordinator is the primary contact for  parents with questions and concerns about band activities.  The coordinator will also:

organize the volunteer lists, seek volunteers for activities, send out reminders, maintain the calendar, run the monthly band parent meeting and send out minutes.  

He or she will work closely with Mr. Leavitt to assure that parents receive the most up to date information. There will be many opportunities for parent involvement and the band coordinator will be asking for your help.  Please know that the band welcomes all parents, the band cannot function without you.

Band parents will meet every month at the LHS Band Room, the date and time to be determined that first week of school..  These meetings are for all parents and supporters and are urged to attend to keep ahead of what is going on.


There are band activities that cost both extra time and money beyond the normal allowances furnished by the La Grande School District. Each year, we (Students and parents as a group) must raise $25,000 in order to do all the things we do. Band parents and Mr. Leavitt will meet the first of the school year to determine and vote on the band budget and the cost for each student.  Providing for these activities requires a cooperative effort by the students and their parents.

At Band Parent Meetings parents can sign up for various committees and event, and information about upcoming events and trips.  

Minutes of these meetings will be sent out by email.  However, you are urged to attend and participate in these meetings.



  1. Activities as defined in this policy include all organized programs sponsored or directed by La Grande High School that are outside of the classroom.

  2. Personal Conduct Code: Participation in activities at La Grande High School is a privilege. Participants must earn the right to represent La Grande High School by conducting themselves in such a way that the image of La Grande School District would not be tarnished in any manner. Any participant whose conduct is judged to reflect a discredit upon himself/herself, the team, director, coach, school or community, whether or not such activity takes place during or outside school hours and sessions of the activity/ sport season, will be subject to disciplinary action as determined by the coach, director, athletic director and/or school administrators.

  3. Grooming and dress for activities will be determined by the director of each activity.

  4. School thefts will be dealt with in a timely manner, according to school regulations. The student will remain ineligible until the case is resolved.

  5. A student involved in activities sponsored at LHS will be suspended from activities upon apprehension by a police agency or referral to juvenile authorities for commission of a felony or Class A misdemeanor. The suspension will remain in effect until court disposition of the case or until investigation by the school authorities is completed.

  6. Any La Grande student may be held in violation of the Activities Code through:

    1. Self admission

    2. Testimony of a law enforcement Officer

    3. Testimony of a responsible adult, teacher, or director

    4. Director's judgement

  7. Alcohol/Drugs-Possession, distribution, consumption, or use of alcohol, narcotics, or any dangerous drug on or about the school premises or at any school function, or at any school sponsored activity, is prohibited. Any violation of this regulation will result in adherence to Board Policy:

    1. First Offense: The student will be suspended for violation of the district rules for seven (7) school days, with an expulsion

    2. Second Offense: Expulsion up to the full extent of the law will

  8. Students involved in activities and apprehended on weekends or other non-school days within the academic year for possession, distribution, consumption, or use of alcohol, narcotics or any dangerous drugs will be under athletic department training policies and subject to disciplinary action which could include suspension from the activity/sport.

  9. Students involved in activities, but who are not participating in a current activity are still expected to conform to the activity rules.

  10. Activity participation carries with it an increased possibility for injury, some of which could be serious. Directors will utilize the most current medically sound, conditioning methods and teach only safe, competitive techniques in preparing students for activities. However, students have responsibility to exercise caution that only approved, safe techniques are utilized in practices and contests.

  11. La Grande High School Regulations Governing Activity Eligibility: The top priority for students participating in the athletic/activities program is academics. With that in mind, students will be required to abide by the following regulations:

    1. Students who are ineligible at the end of the lst or 3rd 9-weeks have up to 9 weeks to become eligible. Students are eligible when grade Checks demonstrate that the student is passing at least four classes.

    2. Students who become ineligible at the semester have up to 9 weeks to recover credit. Students become eligible by recovering sufficient credit to have met the OSAA requirements. Students are eligible when the recovered credit is placed on the student's transcript.

    3. All students must adhere to O.S.A.A. standards.

    4. La Grande High School students must be enrolled in, and passing, a minimum of five classes, to be eligible for participation.

    5. Attendance Policy: Students involved in athletics must be in attendance all day (5 periods) to practice or participate in the activity, contest or event, unless the absence has been pre-arranged by the parent through the attendance office and/or administration prior to the beginning of school the day of the absence. Emergencies will be evaluated by the administration on a case by case basis.

12. This code is effective for this school year.




DATE                     STUDENT                                            PARENT/GUARDIAN

Keep this page in your handbook. Turn page ?? in to Mr. Leavitt.


As soon as POSSIBLE! ! Thank You.

LHS Band Handbook