Google Classroom, Remind, and Clever

Below includes information on the different sites that we will be using through out the school year. Because of privacy, links and class codes are not provided here. Please email Mr. Justice at for links or codes if you do not have yours.

Google Classroom:
We will be running all of our class assignments through google classroom during distance learning and will be using it once we get back to some form of in person as well. It is imperative that you are able to access google classroom. If there is an issue please let Mr. Justice know as soon as possible.

Remind will be available for students to join via google classroom. Check your classroom feed. We will be using this to remind students of due dates as well as different events during the school year. This is the easiest and safest way to communicate.

Go to the sign in page to connect to your class. We will not be using this platform as much as the two above but it is another way to access email, google classroom, and the google drive if it is easier for you. If you have issues logging in please let me know.

It will be extremely important this year while we are in distance learning to be checking your phone, email, and google classroom every day during the week.