Fair Parking sign-ups below. Jordan Miller is running point as is Jessie Wilson (HUGE THANKS to both of them). This fundraiser brings in about $1250 in 4 days. Each shift is worth about $20. If your child hasn't had the chance to sign-up yet please contact Jordan Miller - or 541-786-2353.

Fair Parking Sign-ups 2016

Fireworks Sign-ups are here! Below is the schedule for fireworks. We have run into a small snag as the fireworks have been lost by the trucking company charged with delivering them to us. They were supposed to be delivered on Thursday allowing us to start selling on Monday. So far we have received nothing. Both TNT and Diamond trucking are looking for $20,000 worth of fireworks. I've been told if they cannot be located by Monday we will receive a new shipment. This means everyone working fireworks on Monday are TBA and I will try to get messages out. 

Many thanks to Jessie Wilson who has selflessly taken some of the fireworks workload off my shoulders. She is in charge of the fireworks schedule below. If you would like to add a shift for your child or wouldn't mind helping us with our need for an adult presence covering each shift please email Jessie below.

Be well everyone, have a great summer!

Firework Sales Schedule 2016

This is the volunteer form for LHS Parents who have or would like to sign-up to help. 
Click on the link to edit - Volunteer List