Band Families!


Saturday, October 13th, Legacy Ford is doing a Drive For Your School fundraising event. This is honestly the easiest fundraiser we have ever done, seriously. THERE IS NO EXPECTATION TO BUY A CAR. THIS DOESN'T HAPPEN at this event! Ford knows you're there to earn money for your kid!


So how does this work? You go down between 10am - 4pm and fill out a VERY BRIEF survey about Ford vehicles. Then, you go on your test drive. (Here comes the best part) And Ford donates $20 to the program/student of your choice!


IMPORTANT - Please write the group you want to receive the money on the top of the survey, or tell the band parents working the table. Write "LHS BAND" in the top corner and indicate which student the money should go, or Band general fund if no particular student.


We do need parents who are willing to work two hour shifts; three total parents who are willing to help out for the total 6 hours, one from 10-12, one from 12-2pm, and one from 2-4pm. Let me know if you're interested! First come first served.


We have had band students pay off $200+ band fees in a single afternoon by just having family and friends go down and drive (one test drive per household).  This is an easy way to pay them off, no money out of pocket!


Thanks for your help, and let us know if you're free to help out 10am-12, 12-2pm or 2-4pm on Saturday, October 13.


LHS Band Calendar 2018-2019

The following are dates for which our students are responsible for the entire year. This is one tool to help students and their families negotiate our busy schedule. Performances are critical and any absence must be discussed with Mr. Leavitt well in advance if you hope to have it considered an excused absence.


31- Greenwood Parade at 1:00 pm (Marching)


9/1     All-State Auditions Open (Optional)

9/7     Home football game-Be in uniform by 5:30. Done by 9:30pm  (Required  Marching)

9/11   Parent Meeting 5:15 pm La Grande Middle School Band Room

9/14   Pendleton Round Up Parade, leave at 7am!  Be back before school’s out (Required Marching)

9/15   Cycle Oregon Fundraiser -5am-noon (Optional)

9/22 Dutch Bros Fundraiser 10am-noon

9/28  LHS Homecoming Home football game Be in uniform by 5:30pm, Done by 9:30pm  (Required Marching) Note: There is no homecoming parade this year.


10/3     All-State Auditions Due (Optional)

10/4    Home football game Be in Uniform by 5:30pm, Done by 9:30pm (Required Marching)

10/6    Cavalcade of Bands- Tri Cities (Leave TBA) (Required Marching)

10/12    Home football game   Be in Uniform by 5:30pm, Done by 9:30pm (Required Marching)

10/19     EOU Homecoming Parade.  Be in uniform at Mamacitas by 4:30pm (Required Marching)

TBA-      Home Football Game Play in.  Be in uniform by 5:30, Done by 9:30pm (Required Marching)


11/5-11/6    All State Auditions Due (Optional)

11/10          USO Dance, Valley Fellowship 7-10pm (Required Jazz)

11/11           Veterans Day Parade 10:30am Meet at Aarons (Required Marching)

11/13           Parent Meeting 5:15 La Grande Middle School Bandroom


Pep band Games TBA  Contact Mr. Durfee for Audition Information (Optional)

12/11            Parent Meeting 5:15 la Grande Middle School Bandroom


1/8                 Parent Meeting 5:15 La Grande Middle School Bandroom

1/11-11/13      OMEA All State Jazz Band (optional-if qualified)

1/12-1/14        OMEA All0State Band (Optional if qualified by audition)

1/17                Winter Band Concert 7pm LHS Auditorium (Required All Bands)

1/19-20           TBA U of Idaho Bandfest (Wind Ensemble Required)


2/22-23  TBA Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival- Depart 7am (Jazz Required)


3/2     District Solo Contest, District Small Ensemble Contestion EOU (Optional)

3/6    TBA Secondary Large Ensemble Festive in Hermiston (Symphonic Required)

3/13   District Tour- All Day-Central, Island City, Lunch, Greenwood (Required Everyone)

3/20   District Band Contest, La Grande Auditorium (Wind Ensemble required)

4/10-13  Band Tour Southern Oregon-TBA (Optional but lots of fun)  Conflicts with Choir Tour

4/24        Intro to Band Night 7pm  LHS Band Room (Optional)

4/22-25   Wind Ensemble Auditions after school (Optional)

4/26        State Small Ensemble Contest, Pacific University (If qualified, Optional)

4/27        State Solo Contest, Pacific University (If qualified-optional)


5/7-8     State Band Contest OSU  (Wind Ensemble required if qualified)

5/16      Spring Concert-LMS/symphonic/Wind Ensemble Spring Concert 7:30pm-LMS Auditorium (required everyone)

5/18       Jazz Spring Concert, Max Square-weather permitting (Jazz Required)

5/20        Band Award Banquet, LHS Commons 5:30pm (Everyone)


6/1  LHS Graduation starts at 10am, be in the band room by 9:30, Concert Dress (Wind Ensemble and those who auditioned into Wind Ensemble)

TBA  Hog Wild Days Parade 10:30 Meet at NY Richie's Pizza

2018 Fireworks Signups below                    Wal-Mart

Fireworks Sign-ups are here! Below is the schedule for both firework sites. 

Many thanks to Angela Morris who has selflessly taken some of the fireworks workload off my shoulders. She is in charge of the fireworks schedule below. If you would like to add a shift for your child or wouldn't mind helping us with our need for an adult presence covering each shift please email Angela below.

Be well everyone, have a great summer!

Fireworks 2018 Walmart Tent

Safeway Tent

Fireworks 2018 Safeway Tent

Fair Parking sign-ups below.

Misty Hines, Cori Hines and Jevin Morris are coordinating the schedule.  If you have any questions email Misti at

Be well everyone, have a great summer!

Fair Parking 2018

This is the volunteer form for LHS Parents who have or would like to sign-up to help. 
Click on the link to edit - Volunteer List