2018 Fireworks Signups below                    Wal-Mart

Fireworks Sign-ups are here! Below is the schedule for both firework sites. 

Many thanks to Angela Morris who has selflessly taken some of the fireworks workload off my shoulders. She is in charge of the fireworks schedule below. If you would like to add a shift for your child or wouldn't mind helping us with our need for an adult presence covering each shift please email Angela below.

Be well everyone, have a great summer!

Fireworks 2018 Walmart Tent

Safeway Tent

Fireworks 2018 Safeway Tent

Fair Parking sign-ups below.

Misty Hines, Cori Hines and Jevin Morris are coordinating the schedule.  If you have any questions email Misti at

Be well everyone, have a great summer!

Fair Parking 2018

This is the volunteer form for LHS Parents who have or would like to sign-up to help. 
Click on the link to edit - Volunteer List