LHS Band

The Jazz Band annual USO Swing Dance is quickly approaching.  This dance is for the community to raise funds for the uniform maintenance.  This is a fun evening for everyone, but we need your help.  Attached you will find a sign up sheet for food, kitchen supplies, punch, to volunteer to set up/ take down, kitchen help, tickets at the door.and stars/starlets.   If you are unable volunteer your time please consider donating an food item on the list.  This list will also be in the band room so remind your student to sign up too.  The stars and starlets are a great way for all band students to get involved since their job is to be on the dance floor so it's never empty and encourage others to dance.  

We also need help spreading the word.  You have received a copy of the flyer and poster with all the important information to be used on social media.  If you have a color printer feel free to  print as many of the flyers as you want.  We will also make sure there are some available in the band room.   Next week students have three days off and would be the perfect time for them to take posters around to local businesses.

If you have any questions please call or email Cheryl Miles at 541-310-1048, cherylmiles64@gmail.com or email Natalie at natgam62@gmail.com

La Grande High School Band

This is a page dedicated to helping the high school band parent navigate all the new trips and opportunities your child has in: High School Instrumental Music!

At La Grande High School, students have the opportunity to perform instrumental music in multiple ensembles some as a class, and others as an extra curricular activity. Those include Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble, Marching Band, Pep-Band, and Various Small Ensembles. At the beginning of the year, students who participate in Symphonic Band or Wind Ensemble become the Marching Band for the first two months of the school year. Pep-Band is during Basketball season and provides community entertainment during home basketball games. Each year there are different small ensembles provided by community members or Mr. Leavitt as his schedule allows. 


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Each class follows a few simple classroom rules that govern rehearsals and prepare students for increasing levels of musical performance by creating, developing and refining proper musical habits. These classroom expectations are as follows:

1. Be Respectful 

2. Be Responsible

3. Make Mistakes

Wait, that's it?!? Yeah, because if you follow those three rules, you follow all the expectations for productive rehearsals. 
  • Come prepared to play, and to learn (Responsible)  
  • Bring your music, instrument, pencil and everything you need to use those items each day! (reeds, oils, folders, supplies, etc.)
  • Be on time (Responsible). 
  • Don't waste your rehearsal time with non-relevant chatter (Both).
  • Every person has value and should be treated as such (Respectful). 
  • Their ideas, their values, their image, their possessions should be respected. - Don't take what isn't yours, treat others the way you want to be treated, leave things better than you found them, (this includes people!).
  • Mistakes are the greatest learning tool you have, make them often, but never the same one twice. "Always make new mistakes!"
At The High School Level
Students entering the high school program from the middle school will experience a completely different environment than they are used to. This has to do with more responsibility being given to the students and a higher level of expectation in return. 

Each year at LHS school starts early for members of the LHS Band program. Band Camp starts the marching season off giving students opportunities to lead and run rehearsals, marching drills, and mentoring. Members of the LHS Band can apply to become a section leader or audition to become a drum major, these people are "instrumental" in getting the year off to a great start. They contact all incoming students and keep them informed. 

Marching season lasts about 8 weeks, and moves right into Concert Band Season. This is closer to what LMS students experienced at La Grande Middle School but again, with a high school approach to it. During concert season students continue to develop on their instrument, continue to play music and continue to grow musically. But in order to grow they need to be stretched. Students in the LHS band will learn all their scales, get more training in theory and will have a greater number of performance opportunities. 

One of many Mantras.